La Isla Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

La Isla Fashion Group, LLC.

Swimwear and Garment Manufacturer

Our Company
La Isla Fashion Group, LLC. is based in San Luis Obispo, California. All of our manufacturing is done in Medellín and Bogotá Colombia. We are a full service swimwear and athletic wear manufacturing and sourcing company, with access to state of the art equipment and highly skilled personnel. We specialize in the sourcing manufacturing of sports wear–swimwear, yoga wear, athleisure garments, board shorts, rash guards, and other apparel for the active wear segment. Our capabilities include but are not limited to pattern making, sampling, full package, design, and hand and machine embroidery. We manufacture a broad range of products, from women’s and men’s swimwear, to work uniforms and fleeces.

Full Package Apparel Manufacturing (specializing in women’s and men’s swim and sportswear)
– Capabilities include but are not limited to: swimwear, board shorts, T-shirts, jackets, wovens, knits and many other products. Techniques include: double stitch, zig-zag, decorative and lurex stitching, seamless, laser, embroidery, macrame, digital printing, rotary printing, placement printing, and much more.
– Minimum of 400 pieces per style. Up to two color ways or prints or a combination of both.
– Included in full package pricing are (depending on order and styles): all fabrics, linings, accessories, hardware, threads, branded hygienic protectors (if quantities over 5,000 units total), cups, underwires, boning, printed or woven labels, hang tags, individual resealable bags and any other necessary items needed per client’s order.
– Prints and Print Library: our clients can either use their own art for prints or they can select prints from our broad and proprietary print library. If a print is selected from our library it becomes exclusive to our client’s brand/project.

Product Design and Development
Design and development capacity
Lectra system computer (Gerber compatible)
Pattern and specification development
Prototyping and fit test garments

Material Sourcing
Worldwide fabric and trim sourcing.
Purchasing of raw material and trim for full package program.
Maquila programs.

Consulting and PR
The success of our clients, which we depend on, begins at the manufacturing stage, but it certainly doesn’t end there.  We are conscious and understand that our success depends on our clients’ success.  Their sales translate into sales for us.  This is why we offer our expertise in the industry to help companies position their brands in the market.  We offer “level 1” public relations services, and brand consulting services.  Level 1 PR services include but are not limited to:  press reach out, sample handling for pulls, social media management, and press release dissemination.

We successfully have placed our brand, La Isla, with some of the top publications in the world, including Vogue, Sports Illustrated Swim, Marie-Claire, Seventeen, InStyle, Bazaar, and Ocean Drive Magazines amongst others.  Services are customizable to our client’s needs.  We do not charge the typical fees that PR agencies tend to charge, which in our view are exorbitant.  This allows for our clients to get PR exposure without “breaking the bank”.

We also offer customized consulting services which are ideal for new brands or for those who find themselves “stuck” on a “plateau”.  To inquire about these and our other services, please email us at

Factory Strengths
Extremely professional management team
Highly trained operators Versatility in style changes
– more than 500 styles per year
Excellent delivery track record
More than 16 years experience
Understand US and European markets extremely well
Bilingual staff in USA and Colombia

Free Trade Agreement allows for duty free importation of Colombian apparel goods into the US, Canada, and Switzerland.



Equipment Data

Equipment Brand
SN Lockstitch Toyota
Overlock Yamato
Coverstitch Yamato/Brother
SN Chainstitch Union Special
Flatlock Union Special
Multi Needle Union Special
Bartack Pfaff
Button Hole Pfaff
Button Lewis
Zig Zag Union Special
DN Lockstitch Brother
Blind Stitch Lewis
Picoeta Union Special

*Lean manufacturing system using cell sewing
*Lead times: Full Package 60–90 days, maquila 3 weeks

Packing and Shipping
*Packing according with client needs
*Direct shipments to retailers
*Equipment Brand Quantity Metal detector (coveryor) Thermo Goring Kerr 2

Quality Assurance
*The plant has roving auditors for quality assurance
*There is one auditor for every 25 sewing operators
*We have 1 final auditor for every 50 sewing operators
*We perform a Mil. Spec. 105 at 1.5% AQL at packing
*or according to the customer requirements

+1 (805) 704-8432


“Since the introduction to LA ISLA and it’s CEO, Enrique Sanchez-Rivera, working from development to production has been a great and positive experience. We have recently finished production of our swim collection with LA ISLA private label and we are 100% satisfied with the end product. We have worked with other manufacturers in the past and no other manufacturer compares. Their high standards and tight quality control is what will push your product to the next level. Their attention to detail and ability to customize is a great aspect for working with LA ISLA for complete packages. Communicating with Enrique has always been great as well as he is always accessible and responds in a timely manner. Thank you LA ISLA and Enrique!”

Julia Covintree
Production Manager
Cynthia Rowley

“In today’s marketplace, no business can ignore its environmental footprint because customers now want to know what businesses are doing to minimize waste, minimize use of resources, and create products that are not harmful to the environment. We are beginning to experience a wave of sustainable prosperity.  I appreciate LA ISLA for using the inspiration from the ocean to create swimwear and clothing that is in the spirit of enticing people to be outdoors, to be close to water; to feel, breathe the natural world. We must connect the ocean to the existence of every human being. This is the only way for people to understand that the quality of each and every one of our lives depends on water, depends on the ocean.”

Jean-Michel Cousteau
Founder, Ocean Futures Society

“I have known Enrique Sanchez-Rivera and LA ISLA for over 8 years. In that time period I have had the opportunity to work with him and his company in a myriad of projects. I have always been thoroughly impressed by the quality of their work, their on-time delivery, their professionalism, client service and  honesty. I highly recommend Enrique and LA ISLA to anyone looking for high quality apparel production needs.”

Scott Barclay
Director of Production/Sourcing
The Pop Studio
Los Angeles, CA

“As a designer I am a perfectionist. Having said that, the amazing staff at LA ISLA, in particular Enrique Sanchez-Rivera have not only met my high expectations, but have exceeded them. The manufacturing has been impeccable, as has been the company’s treatment towards me. They have been there every step of the way, answering every question, helping in every aspect and generally providing a great sense of support as manufacturing partners. The result has been a beautiful production of swimsuits that I could not be happier with! I have come to consider LA ISLA as an essential part of my brand and cannot wait to pursue my next collection with them.”

Elay Die-Girbau, ELA Swimwear

“There are truly no words to describe seeing our first swimwear line come to life and seeing how beautiful everything turned out was like magic. All thanks to LA ISLA, who took our vision & made it better! It can be extremely challenging to find someone who can do everything and anything you wish, but LA ISLA has done just that & more. We were amazed at the quality and detail that was put into every aspect of our designs. LA ISLA has made this process a fairytale journey. We were confident and comfortable working with a brand that knew what we wanted and how to deliver. LA ISLA is our fairy-bikini-godmother!”

Stevie & Victoria DeChiaro – CHIARA LEAH Swimwear

“I have had the pleasure of working with LA ISLA and their CEO, Enrique Sanchez-Rivera, for nearly two years, and each conversation is as much of a delight as the last. Their products, aesthetic and style is amazing and something that we consistently look forward to featuring. With each season we eagerly await their next line and are never disappointed. Enrique and his team are extremely professional, kind and handle all of their dealings with the utmost integrity. Thank you for making my job easier.”

Brock Strasbourger, Head of Business,

“I have had the opportunity to work with La Isla and Enrique Sánchez-Rivera on many occasions. As a stylist, I have worked with hundreds of clients through out the years in TV and fashion. I can truly say that LA ISLA stands out not only because of their professionalism but also because of their attention to detail and the importance they always give to my work. The trust they give me and my vision and their ability to communicate and to always be available during a project is outstanding! LA ISLA and Enrique Sánchez-Rivera have always been first class all the way!”

Shannon Campbell, Fashion and Swimwear Stylist –

“Working with LA ISLA has been an absolute pleasure. Our first order with them was a rush order for one of our events and we were very pleased to see it delivered three weeks early. Everything from sample development, to print development and production was outstanding. We look forward to working with LA ISLA for many years to come.”

Greg Ammon, CEO, Big Flower – East Hampton, NY –

“We feel very grateful that we had the opportunity to work with LA ISLA, especially Enrique Sánchez-Rivera, its CEO. The experience has been extremely good and we are so happy to see our yoga wear collection finalized with such great quality and detailed work. LA ISLA has many qualities and one of them is that they are always there for their customers to answer any question and support them through out their journey. We are more than happy to work with them and LA ISLA has become an essential part of Equilibrium Vitae.”

The Equilibrium Vitae Team –