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How to start your own swimwear company

By laislabrand

As of today I can officially say that I have been in the swimwear business for 15 years. It has been a rewarding experience and one that has taught me many things but mostly it has given me the most incredible schooling in persistence. If that was a degree, I’d have a PhD in it […]

By laislabrand

We were intensely captivated by Waterstudio after seeing them featured on National Geographic Magazine. Their incredible innovation skills and clear understanding about the future of architecture and our planet was obvious and ever so present in all of their plans and their current work. From a partially submersed ecological tower to floating islands in the […]

Collapsing Seas

By laislabrand

“The sea! the sea! the open sea! The blue, the fresh, the ever free! Without a mark, without a bound, It runneth the earth’s wide regions round; It plays with the clouds; it mocks the skies; Or like a cradled creature lies.”- Barry Cornwall. Today our oceans face so many threats from so many sources, […]

A History of Swimwear

By laislabrand

The folks at Swimwear365 decided to take a historical look at how women’s swimwear has evolved over the years. This summary marks key points in bikini and swim suit history with iconic shots including Ursula Address’s classic white bikini to Pamela Anderson’s red one-piece swimsuit in Baywatch to modern day styles.