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3 Tips to Help You Easily Find This Year’s Swimsuit

Summer is almost here, so do you have your bathing suit ready? If you have yet to pick up this year’s private label swimwear, there’s no better time than the present. If you need some help picking out swimwear for this summer, here are some helpful tips.

Don’t Be Afraid to Size Up

When picking out private label bikinis or swimsuits, it’s always a good idea to get a size larger than you think you might need. Swimsuit sizes vary drastically from style, to cut, to even color. Basically, if you saw a couple private label bikinis that you loved in a halter top cut, they might not fit the same way as a strappy cut. While it may be hard to accept a size larger into your life, no one else will know what size you’re wearing. All they’ll notice is that you’re wearing a super cute swimsuit.

Try it On With Sandals

Even if you think it’s a silly idea at first, try your private label bikinis on with a pair of sandals. You’re probably going to be walking on the beach or around your resort with sandals and your swimsuit on, so it’s a good idea to see what the entire outfit will look like.

Fall in Love with Online Shopping

If you don’t feel comfortable trying a swimsuit on in the store, consider picking out an option online. Shops like La Isla Brand offer a wide array of private label bikinis, private label sportswear, private label swimwear, and even private label yoga wear. The product will be shipped right to your home so you can try it on stress-free. If it doesn’t fit, you can always ship it back without having to face a store employee.

Out of all swimsuits, a one-piece bathing suit is the most popular option. These swimsuits are often referred to as a tank suit, which comes from the term “swimming tank.” These days, we call “swimming tanks” pools. Regardless of the type of swimsuit you plan on wearing this summer, try it on at home, go a size up, and don’t forget your sandals!

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