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Exclusive Cedella Marley Interview for LA ISLA

I first met Cedella Marley about seven years ago at her office in Miami. I was extremely impressed by her. Not only was she tremendously welcoming but her creative spirit was felt in every single corner of her design studio. I felt truly emotional about meeting her. On one hand, Cedella had been a real inspiration for me and all of us at La Isla. Her line Catch a Fire Clothing was in every single one of our closets! On the other hand, her father, the legend, Robert Nesta Marley, or Bob Marley as he is known to all of us, has been a hero of mine since I can remember. He changed my life with his lyrics and music and for that, I thank him.

Cedella, in all her kindness, granted us a short but sweet interview, which we share with you here. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Enrique Sanchez-Rivera
Founder and CEO
La Isla Fashion Group, LLC

Cedella, we are absolutely thrilled that you have granted us the opportunity to interview you! Everyone, and I mean everyone at La Isla is a fan of yours, of Bob, and the Marley legacy. Marley music is played weekly, if not, daily, at our offices. I had the great pleasure of meeting you at Catch a Fire Clothing and I can tell you that you were an immense inspiration for me. I thank you for that.

1. What is Cedella Marley passionate about?

My family, music, health and having the ability to create.

2. What can fans expect to see coming our way from your incredible artistic mind?

We are working on my new line, Cho!, which is a line I have been thinking about for years. Cho is a casual cool collection for the rude girl and boy in us all who loves life.

3. What piece of advice would you give women entrepreneurs to help them survive in tough business environments?

Listen and learn from your mentors, think thoroughly about decisions and trust your intuition.

4. Can you tell us about Cedella Marley Design?

Cedella Marley Design consists of myself and an outstanding team!

5. Thank you so very much for this opportunity Cedella. Your kindness doesn’t go unnoticed. It is a true pleasure to be able to feature you on our La Isla blog, “Beyond the Break”. Last but not least, at La Isla we take social and ecological causes very seriously and we commend you on 1love. Could you tell us about it and how individuals can help your cause?

1Love is an affiliate charity platform that raises funds and awareness for global charities that benefit youth, planet and peace. We work with a variety of organizations from Save the Children ( to Charity: Water (

Twitter: @cedellamarley
Instagram: @cedellamarley
1love website:

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