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Exclusive G. Love Interview for LA ISLA

We had the opportunity to interview the man behind G. Love and the Special Sauce, and creator of music genre “hip hop blues”! G. Love has been playing the guitar since he was 8 years old, and throughout his musical career he has recorded some incredible albums, both with his band and as solo projects. Some of these are: G. Love and Special Sauce, Philadelphonic, The Hustle (solo), Fixin’ to Die (solo), amongst others. G. Love is currently signed under Jack Johnson’s record label, Brushfire Records. G. Love, Jack Johnson, and Donavon Frankenreiter seem to like working together a lot and you can find them doing an amazing “Rodeo Clowns” jam on YouTube.

Without further adieu, here is that short but sweet interview G. Love so graciously granted us with:

1. What was the first show you played and is there anything memorable about it?

I remember playing the talent show sophomore year in Philly. I had a folk rock trio called Greenwood. We played a couple tunes, and I swear to god I’ve never heard such a thunderous applause. I really don’t even remember playing a note. I know we hit it right though. After that I was hooked on the magic of the stage.

2. Two part question: a) Which musician, dead or alive, would you want to collaborate with on a song/album? b) Who are your biggest musical influences?

My biggest influences are John Hammond and Bob Dylan. I consider them both to be my musical fathers. I’ve never met Bob but John and I have really developed a great friendship over the years. I even had the wonderful honor of producing his 30th record, “Push Comes to Shove”.

It would’ve been amazing to play with or really just watch Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy or Lightening Hopkins.

3. When can we expect a new G. Love album? Can you tell us a little about it or any other musical project you’re working on?

I’m currently in the process of writing, rewriting and compiling songs for my new record, which will drop early 2013. I’m definitely into my delta blues these days. My last record Fixin’ To Die really reconnected me with the delta blues, which I learned years ago was the root of my playing. So basically it’s gonna be BLUESIFIED!

4. La Isla is going to make you some custom board shorts. What are your two favorite colors? Why?

I like black and red, like the color of my old 63 dodge dart. But for reals I’d just leave it up to the designers to hook up any color they think is dope.

5. It’s hard to stick to following a dream since there are so many obstacles and challenges that one is faced with. What would be the number one piece of advice you would give our readers in regards to following their dreams?

Be original, put in the work and give it everything you got!! Dreams are like fish. You gots to keep reeling!

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