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Putting Together Your Essential Yoga Wardrobe

Athletic clothes or “athleisure” has blown up as a sleek and uber-comfy fashion trend. Yoga apparel in particular is reigning as Queen of Athletic Clothes; over the past five years, sales on yoga products have gone up by a whopping 74%. Just think of the year-round staple that yoga pants have become! Here are the essential pieces of comfortable yoga clothes that will have you feeling zen and balanced even if you don’t hit the mat every day.

The Pants

Ranging from the close-fitting and stretchy classic “yoga pants” to the flowy and fierce ‘harem’ style, yoga pants come in many forms. Most common are capris-length or full-length pants, though some practitioners of yoga opt for shorts, especially in hot settings.

The Tops

Just as with yoga pants, the definition of a “yoga top” is a bit loose. A top could be loose-fitting and flowy, which is super wearable and breathable in any situation, or it could be more bra-like. Bra-like tops can err towards a more athletic aesthetic, like a sports bra design, or they can be a little more versatile and stylish, allowing the top to be a passable bralette or crop top. Multifunctional fashion that is also comfy? Yes, please.

The Leg Warmers

If you haven’t heard, leg warmers are no longer stuck in the 80s. Bringing leg warmers back to their original purpose (warming your legs), they are fantastic for staying warm and limber during a workout. When you modernize them just a touch with luxe materials and cute colors, vintage style leg warmers are very easy to incorporate in a layered cooler-weather outfit.

And of Course… The Socks

While many yogis prefer to practice barefoot for better mat grip, some people enjoy keeping their feet toasty and clean with grippy-bottomed socks. Their combination of coziness and grip makes them great socks to wear around the house, too.

Naturally, for all these options you have your pick of inventive colors and patterns, and the simple, flattering silhouettes mean there are styles for every body type to rejoice about. Innovative materials are always in the works to improve the comfort and environmental impact of athletic clothes and yoga clothing; La Isla is even introducing yoga apparel made from recycled materials in 2018! You can warrior pose on the beach and feel confident you’ve helped keep that beach clean.

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