At La Isla we have been designing vintage t shirts for women for several years now. We are proud of our designs and also of our fit. We only use the softest cottons for our tees. Our t-shirts always reflect the lifestyle of our buyer and ours and our brand. We designed the California t-shirt - California map t-shirt with the utmost detail. In it you can see some amazing details showing activities and historical drawings representing our beautiful state. This is many t-shirts in one: it’s a California t-shirt, a camping t-shirt, a hiking t-shirt, a SUP t-shirt, a surfing t-shirt, a diving t-shirt, a scuba diving t-shirt, a bikini t-shirt, a polo t-shirt, a Mt. Shasta t-shirt, a sports t-shirt, a music t-shirt, a farmer’s market t-shirt, a Hollywood t-shirt, a ski t-shirt, a snowboarding t-shirt, a gold rush t-shirt, a weed t-shirt, a marihuana t-shirt, and the list goes on and on!

We also designed a La Isla Polo t-shirt after our love for horses and polo and the equestrian life. We sponsor several polo players including Carlos Gracida Jr., one of the best polo players in the world. We also sponsor Izzy Wolf who is a fantastic polo player. We love the sport and the history it carries with it. With our polo t-shirt you will proudly wear the LA ISLA team colors and you will wear the goal scorer’s number, #1. We branded the tee with California on the sleeve to show our roots and our love for our beautiful state.

Our La Isla Nation vintage tee t-shirt is a take on the diving flag. Nothing says tropics and the love for the ocean more than scuba diving La Isla style. We have always loved palm trees and the combination of our palm tree and diving flag makes for a super attractive tee. We also have been designing a La Isla flag for a long time and this is it! We absolutely love our flag t-shirt.

We love America and we could not be more excited to launch our own American flag t-shirt. Every year we make a piece that reflects our love for our country. We decided to give our flag a little attitude and created the La Isla Republic Vintage Tee t-shirt. With an all black canvas, we added the flag and replaced the all white stripes with our La Isla stripes. After all, La Isla got its humble beginning in Connecticut, so working with the 13 colonies' stripes on this tee was just fantastic. Be proud of America and wear this contemporary flag option to show your support. Be it support for our team in the world cup, the Olympics, 4th of July, etc . . . whatever the celebration, wear the La Isla USA colors to show your support for our great country.

Our peace t-shirt - peace sign t-shirt really defines everything we strive for at La Isla. There is nothing we love more than peace and our peace t-shirt is an ode to this concept. Calm your inner soul and turn on your meditative atmosphere with our Peace t-shirt - peace sign t-shirt. Not only will you feel peaceful wearing our peace sign t-shirt, but you will certainly evoque the same feeling in others that walk by you and see you proudly wearing a banner of peace. We call this peace sign t-shirt our “vive en Paz” t-shirt.

Ahhh, and last but not least is our Polaroid vintage tee. We call it our “to the sea” t-shirt. Nothing says vintage more than a beautiful Polaroid. We love how our designer captured this beautiful island moment inside this Polaroid frame. She felt it was so beautiful that she wanted us to wear it on a tee. So, she taped it to the front of the t-shirt ;). If you have a love affair with Polaroids or just love taking Polaroid pictures, or whatever your Polaroid obsession is, you will want to have this tee. We have been taking Polaroids non-stop for years and our office is full of beautiful ones. Nothing better than an island scene Polaroid or a desert scene Polaroid, it’s just so beautiful. Hope you love our Polaroid t-shirt.